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Clients will often visit during lunch breaks and may not have time to have a refreshment, so offering this simple service is highly appreciated." "I am so used to talking to people through mirrors that it almost feels less normal to look them straight in the eye!

I think it's fine, never too much — it's much easier for the client to keep their head in the right position for you if they look at you through the mirror, it can get annoying if they keep trying to turn around and look you in the eyes." "It's far more personal and easier to communicate sitting with the client at eye level, face-to-face, and talk to them about their hair.

Some people have crazy busy lives and don’t get the opportunity to just stop and sit still for an hour or so.

Then add someone running their hands through your hair, it can be really relaxing.

Once the hairdresser has some basic information, it's then time to move to standing behind the client and looking at them in the mirror.

What we need to remember is we can get really close to a client, to the point where personal space in no longer in existence.

A client should never feel as though they can’t raise a concern or talk to the hairdresser about the end result." ( "I do actually think this is poor taste.

Sometimes it’s nice for the hairdresser, too.” "That rule would be awesome; you feel really bad when you can see your client's lips moving and you can't hear a thing they are saying. Instead, if we don’t hear something correctly we just smile, nod and say, 'Yes, absolutely' and hope for the best." "I think that’s the best!

And it's not great for the clients sitting next to you to have two people yelling at each other over the noise of the dryer. It shows the hairdresser you are enjoying it, and I think you have more of a chance of getting a longer head massage if the stylist thinks you are relaxed and loving it.

Is it hard to work if they're constantly learning forward to take a sip?

"I like my clients to be offered a tea or coffee when they come back from the basin so they can sit and enjoy it and zone out while I do my thing.

The worst is when a client is in the middle of a big story, yelling over the dryer, and all of a sudden I stop the blow dryer and everyone hears them screaming." "This can be a challenge, especially if the client is softly-spoken or they are trying to talk about private matters. Plus, clients don’t realise how loud they sound when they chat at the basin as they are trying to talk over the sound of running water, plus everything echoes...

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