Lifetime movies about online dating


If that fact isn't reason enough to make you drop everything you're currently doing, grab a bottle of wine, and get your butt on the couch immediately, quite frankly I'm not sure what will.

However, for those who need more persuasion than the average bad-but-so-so-good film junkie, here's the deal: The movie focuses on Taylor and Richard Burton's love affair, their two marriages, two divorces and their rollercoaster careers. Scoring a tragic 33 percent on really offers." Ouch.

Cheri and Tony are the adorable pair we all love to see end up together, fighting and nitpicking while battling it out to see whose tree will reign supreme.

Nothing says Christmas romance more than two people who “can’t stand each other” competing in a contest. Now that that’s out of my system, “A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride” plays off the mother-daughter relationship we all know too well, especially when you’re not a fan of Mom’s new boo.

Without giving away too much, when her dad is injured while decorating his house for Christmas, workaholic Jennifer comes home to take care of him, only to start receiving romantic notes from an unknown sender. Who can resist a movie about a high-strung FBI agent falling in love with a free-spirited cocktail waitress when they pretend to be a couple for Christmas? “You have a mismatched couple, which is great for sparks and humor, throw in some relatable family issues, and this film went down like a gourmet plate of macaroni and cheese,” he said.

“I think ‘Undercover Christmas’ was a comfort food movie with heart. ” Picking out the perfect tree and decorating it is one of the funnest things to do during the season, so “The 12 Trees of Christmas” has a special place in my heart.

So, is Lifetime's Wrong Swipe a true story, bound to make you erase all data from you phone?

It's almost too ironic to be true that Lohan was in an actual car crash while filming this movie.

While you could argue that Lohan was cast simply to exploit her name, the film's producer Larry A.

If you’ve been wondering what happened to Winnie from “The Wonder Years,” look no further than “Love at the Christmas Table.” This charming movie is about best friends Sam and Katherine, who’ve been sitting at the kids’ table and pining for each other their entire lives. This movie combines two of my favorite things: Christmas and food!

In “Recipe for a Perfect Christmas,” we see JJ, an uptight food critic, make a deal with Alex, an up and coming chef — he dates her eccentric mother through the holidays and she reviews his restaurant. The only thing better than watching this movie during Christmastime is watching this movie during Christmastime while eating my weight in candy canes. Besides having a super awesome first name, Haylie Duff has been in not one, not two, not three but four (yes, four!

) Christmas movies, with “All About Christmas Eve” being the best.

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