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Even static non-intelligent/non-networked objects can be introduced into the Io T.

In the case of Io T, the individual human is the main focus - the technology should simply make the lives of people simpler and more comfortable.

By collaborating, we also determine how the intensified networking of objects can profit your enterprise and indicate user-specific recommendations for action.

However, M2M, on the other hand, is defined as a technology with the goal of automating and optimizing processes.

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Since the power is supplied by its own internal battery, this system is ideally suited for location tracking of objects.An overview of the benefits Devices, machines and everyday objects are outfitted with sensors or chips and networked over the cloud with the Internet.The Internet of Things is more than the mere interaction with the objects.Simply fill out the form in the following contact form and we will immediately respond to your query.For help, support and downloads for all 2N products i.e Intercoms, IP Access Control, Elevator Systems, IP Audio, M2M and Telecommunications please visit the 2N product page.With a single battery set the Ro Track is able to communicate up to 1400 messages (assuming good GPS-/GSM-conditions in the climate zone Central Europe). TINO® basic in detail Further info on With an offer for a Rosenberger M2M solution, you receive a solution from a single source - one with which you can more efficiently control your company's processes and one that permits exploitation of new, innovative business fields.

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