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Mēs iesakām visiem mūsu lietotājiem izvēlēties šo čata versiju.

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Well, I got frustrated enough I went back to school in Portland, Oregon, became a physician, and I practiced there 12 years as a general family practitioner, and I sewed up chainsaw wounds, delivered babies, actually used everything that I learned in veterinary nutrition on my human patients, and it was no surprise to me that it worked just as well in people as it did in animals.But I didnt get the answer to my basic question until I became a freshman veterinary student at the Univ.of Missouri, and there I learned the reason why we put all these vitamins and minerals and trace minerals in the animal feed, the bottom line, is because we dont have insurance for them.You know that goes, they take the canary down into the mine, and if methane gas or carbon monoxide would leak in the mine, canaries were more sensitive than men, and would drop off the perch and die long before the men were in danger of suffocating or blowing up.A thousand pages, 2000 illustrations, and through the news releases that were in the big universities I worked with, I was on 20/20 with Hugh Downs and Geraldo before he got his nose broken the first time.Lūdzu, spied uz "slēdzi", lai iespējotu Flash savā pārlūkprogrammā.

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