London girls to chart web cam


] (4Mb) - Abbott and Costello 'In The Navy' (1941): [28/7 = 13!

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(from a Colorado High School) - Math Snacks - Number Rights (fractions! ) - RSA Animated "Crisis of Capitalism" (David Harvey) - - Impossible projectile!! ) - - You Tube Maths selection from Craig Barton (Range HS, Formby) = MATHEMATICS COMPETITIONS UKMT (UK Mathematics Trust) Competitions for 11-18 year olds International Mathematical Olympiad British Mathematical Olympiad Australia Mathematics Trust Canadian Mathematics Society World Compendium of Mathematics Competitions SEAMC Competition (SE Asia Maths Contest) HISTORY OF MATHEMATICS History of Mathematics (St Andrews University, Scotland) BSHM (The British Society for the History of Mathematics) The Tunnel of Samos Famous Mathematicians (Nanie Bates, Hippo Ventures Inc, Melbourne) VECTORS and MATRCES, 3D SOS: Matrix Algebra 3D Vector Cross Product (JAVA) 3D Vector Land (Paul Kirby, Nortel) Les 5 Polyèdres- de Platon, et d'Archimède (Cabri-Java, France) Live Graphics 3D Examples (Martin Kraus,using Mathematica) Picture Spice - Polyhedra - dynamic nets using MS Silverlight (Declan Brennan) - = - fun for ages 7-13 1000 Problems to Enjoy (fitting the Key Stage 3 Numeracy Strategy) Math Apprentice - USA career site for Middle Schools (Grade 4-7) Motor Sport Mathematics - KS1-4 resources from Cranfield University New Zealand Census @ School project: [UK site is closed] Census at School (NZ)) Australian Census @ School project Archive [current site is closed] - Census online (Australia) (2005) Kaggle ("We are making Data Science a Sport!

triples, Primes/Mersenne, Factorials, Pascal's triangle] Mersenne Primes - The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search Casting out the Nines (Mind-reader game), also: Registing Robin [both: (10x y) – (x y) = 9x] The Prime Pages (Chris Caldwell, University of Tennise, Martin) Not Just Sums (by Emily Hillier, Wokingham) - Daily Starter Roman Numerals Calculator Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences Names for large numbers (Russ Rowlett, N Carolina) Prime factors of any integer (up to 18 digits) = POWERS of 10, and SPACE!

Powers of 10 A tree in Florida from 10^23 metres down to 10^(–16) [39 images) - Powersof 10 Teaching resources NASA: Eyes on the Solar System (needs a plug-in) - Universcale (Nikon) Miscellaneous objects from 1027 metres to 10^–15 (45 categories) - How Big is the Earth? ] - The Scale of the Universe - - You Tube size comparison Hotel Infinity GENERAL Ruth Carver's Internet Math Projects Benford's Law (from Plus Maths, Issue 9 Sept 99) Flatland (Edwin Abbott 1838-1926, text only) - Flatland - the movie (trailer - movie to buy) Spirograph (Nathan Friend, ART and FRACTALS Bugman - amazing graphics (Paul Nylander) Esher's 'Waterfall' (1938) ART-SY M. Escher - a selection, part of the amazing collection of artists and museums- Math and Music connections (from z, USA) - Grotesque Geometry (Tessellations, from Andrew Crompton, Manchester) The Fractal Microscope (Java Simulation) Fractals (elementary/middle schools) by Cynthia Lanius, Rice University (Houston) Mathematically inspired art (Mary Rouncefield) - Xoas Fractal Generator (to download) YOU-TUBE Mathematical Videos - Tacoma Narrows Bridge (1940 collapse) - London to Brighton in 4 Minutes - Tom Lehrer: New Math - Ma and Pa Kettle Math (1949): [25/5 = 14!

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CSF Software (Chris Farmer) 'Countdown' for Maths - 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' - for maths AND a game designer 10 quick questions - Word search creator, etc Interactive Mathematics, Miscellany and Puzzles (Cut-the-Knot) Unsolved Mathematical Problems (Wolfram Research) Puzzles Codes and Cyphers (CIMT, Plymouth Uni) Nim - Pearl3 Flash Animation!

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