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Well, the sources of the "NOPE"s have spoken, and they've come up with some very specific things you should not put in your profiles or messages if you want to be messaged back. Take it from Michelle, 29: "If someone posts a photograph of themselves shooting a gun in an online dating profile, my first thought is...'the better to shoot me with? When we see you playing beer pong with your friend Tyler in a cap with your favorite sports team's logo, we think "frat boy," and not in a good way. Never mind, didn't like you anyway," complained Liana, 34.

Actually, to come to think of it, the worst offenders on this list should probably keep doing what they're doing to save us all the displeasure of exchanging messages with them. Jessica, 24, steers clear of "anything super bro-culture-y." And when those bros multiply... Especially if in every photo, the dude in question is standing next to three other identical bros," said Michelle."One of my pet peeves is 'I want a woman who has her life together.' What does that even mean? Another term with a nebulous meaning is "confidence." Vidya, 34, wonders when she sees someone looking for a woman with confidence:"Are there a whole bunch of women walking around being nothing but a complete bundle of nerves, afraid to open their mouths, try new activities or anything? Do they mean some kind of overt sexual confidence mostly seen in movies and rarely replicated in real life because well, real life? They are looking for someone like Catwoman or the Tombraider gal."Actually, I pretty much agree with this person's "I spend a lot of time thinking about" list, but putting it all out there on a profile comes off snobby, so don't copy and paste this article into your profile.

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So while we focus on the safety aspect, you can focus on your upcoming dates!

Our dating agency then uses intelligent matchmaking based on this information to bring together like-minded American singles and help people find a true connection.

Thinking about joining Elite Singles today but curious about what kind of people you might meet?Choosing the right dating agency for you is no easy task.You want a dating site that takes in to account your personal relationship desires and goals.And they almost always are wearing a fedora in at least one picture.""I loathed profiles with those My Space angle pics. A few people felt strongly that saying you "don't take yourself too seriously" or are looking for someone who "doesn't take herself too seriously" is a turnoff."People who use the terms in their profiles 'love to laugh' or 'don't take life too seriously' are just not going to be a match for me," said Vanessa, 47.Elite Singles manually checks each individual profile in order to guarantee everyone in the dating agency is serious about the search for love.

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