Looney tunes dating dos and don ts

This trait was originally taken from the character Barb Wire (played by Pamela Anderson), who has the same reaction from being called "babe".

Following Space Jam, Lola has regularly appeared in solo stories in the monthly Looney Tunes comic published by DC Comics, and an infant version of her is among the regular characters of Baby Looney Tunes.

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Lola Bunny was also featured in a webtoon on looneytunes.com, entitled "Dating Dos and Don'ts." During this webtoon, in the form of a fifties educational film, Bugs Bunny attempts to take Lola out on a date, but Elmer Fudd and Lola's disapproving dad (voiced by Tom Kenny) interfere.The Toon Squad was victorious, and Lola kindled a romance with Bugs.Although she had turned down his earlier advances, she saw him in a new light after he heroically saved her from injury by shoving her out of the path of a belly-flopping Monstar, getting himself painfully squashed. At the end of the movie, they are officially a couple; when Michael Jordan tells Bugs to stay out of trouble, Bugs assures him he will (which prompts him to kiss Lola again).Ein wichtiger Charakterzug von Lola ist, dass sie sehr aufgeregt und rachsüchtig ist, wenn sie „Puppe“ genannt wird.Lola wurde in ihrem ersten Auftritt (Space Jam) von Kath Soucie gesprochen und in der Serie Baby Looney Tunes von Britt Mc Killip. Mit ihren Basketballfähigkeiten bekam sie eine Stelle im Team Toon Squad, in dem die Looney Tunes gegen die schurkischen Monstars für ihre Freiheit kämpften, mit der Hilfe von Michael Jordan.Lola ist hier Bugs’ „verrückte“ Freundin und sie spricht viel pro Minute, egal ob jemand zuhört oder nicht.

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