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As development work continues in the presence of a known bug, new dependencies on the code where the bug lives are likely to be added.

Sometimes these dependencies will be on bug itself.

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Raymond's Folly: The Codell Play of the Denver Basin, Raymond Pierson, #70303 (2017)., Matthew Wasson, Ron Luongo, Reed Stiles, and Mark Trees, #51429 (2017).Organic Geochemical and Petrographic Signatures of Hydrocarbons in Igneous Systems, Andrew Giże, #30521 (2017).When the risk of fixing a bug increases, the reaction of most developers is to stick with the potential fix that appears least risky (even if there is a 'better' alternative). Anytime someone uses evaluative words like 'good', 'bad', 'better', or 'worse' without qualifying them with a context, I get suspicious.So here's my context: Kent Beck makes a distinction between code quality and code health in this talk. Code quality relates to the number of bugs in your code, and how well it does what it's supposed to do. The reason this distinction is important is that its possible to improve code quality without improving code health.Aromatic Compounds as Maturity Indicators - Comparison with Pyrolysis Maturity Proxies and Ro (Measured and Calculated) Using the New Albany Shale as an Example, Donna Caraway Willette, #42143 (2017).

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