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I have avoided buying this fragrance for years, only because it is so popular. So, after many years of avoiding buying this fragrance, I have succumbed to its charms.Now I am the owner of a bottle of One Million; and you know what? Yes, I know what you are going to say: Overly popular, everyone uses it, blah blah blah ...The new release 1 Million for men in a unique looking gold bar bottle.I remember thinking wow what a great looking bottle and when I finaly caught a whiff I remember thinking how amazing this fragrance was. Its performance was steller literaly room filling for I miss those days of genuine room filling power projecting off my skin.Walking through clubs and thinking my god that smells f-ing fantastic, that and Le Male for that matter.

Gold is all around us: in architecture, design, jewelry, clothes, accessories, fashion...One or two sprays on the neck under a heavy scarf on a cold day will go a long way and evoke the mysterious side of this fragrance. More suited for playful personalities; I can't imagine a composed, sophisticated older gentleman wearing this. Whats strikes me about this one is the use of rose. ☺ Must say I used to love this but the reformulated versions suck ass!Its very well blended but i just keep smelling an intoxicating rose. That coupled with its juggernaut performance and i see why its popularity went into the bizarre. Its a magical & metallic journey which is a real head Turner after all these years.The perfume is available in the amount of 50 and 100 ml, as an edt and with accompanying body care products. 1 Million 18 Carats is a LUXE edition that captures with its provocative notes, only for the privileged buyers.The package is very luxurious, made of golden body with a diamond crown.Despite all the hatred that this perfume generates in the community, for my wife, Along with Creed - Green Irish Tweed, this is one of her favorites, and loves to smell it on me (even though in my collection I have more than 130 perfumes).

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