Mark ballas still dating


"I want to have a family and I thought I was almost ready to go to that next phase," she said of the split.

To top it off- having my beautiful wife’s soaring Chant like vocals on the ‘choruses’ made it even more special.” “It’s flamenco like/aggressive nature makes me think of my grandmother Bi Bi Ballas,” he added. The You Tube sensation previously began a relationship with filmmaker Devin Graham, 34, in 2011.Though they have since split, the two remain friendly today.Lindsey and Devin met when they attended Utah's Brigham Young University and are both members of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.The musical duo – composed of married couple Mark Ballas and BC Jean – and the violinist shared the track with fans on Friday (June 8).In late June, Ryan took to Instagram to share a sweet tribute to Lindsey on their first dating anniversary. We’ve learned and grown so much together and I'm so grateful for her.

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