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There is also an exhibit about the tulip poplar tree. The Blue Ridge Parkway runs alongside the Great Valley for a hundred miles south of Rockfish Gap.

The Alleghenies to the west and the Blue Ridge Mountains to the east border the Valley.

White's Gap is the crossing point for the old Jordan toll road and lies directly north of the overlook.

This road was formerly the most important way across the Blue Ridge in this area.

where dolomite is mined is visible from the overlook.

The quarry began mining dolomite in 1916 and has maintained an annual output of 6 to 7 million tons since.

The 0.2-mile Yankee Horse Trail also leads to the 30-foot Wigwam Falls The name of this overlook reflects the many Irish settlers that immigrated to the area in the windows to a vista beyond or as access to a site that could not be seen from the roadway.Landscape plans at each of the overlooks created natural stone walls, walkways and view areas, removed or left trees, and added flowering shrubs to create both access to and a living frame for the views.those traveling between Howardsville and the Shenandoah Valley in the latter half of the 19th and early 20th centuries often camped at Humpback Gap.Visitors today can visit many of these 19th century farm buildings Located on top of an outcrop of Catoctin greenstone – a rock formed by ancient lava that covered the surface of vast areas of Northern Virginia and Maryland – the Greenstone Overlook provides examples of the most common rock type found in the first 19 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway.Headforemost was named this way because the other side of the mountain falls sharply or “headforemost” to the valley below.

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