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I'll also assume you've concluded that much of it is contrived and boring.Yup, there's a vast ocean of mass-produced cookie-cutter porn out there and it's easy to find oneself adrift... Stuff that engages your brain as well as your naughty bits. All described with in-depth reviews that give you a detailed picture of what you can expect to find inside.) waiting in bed neglected as you bask in the glow of Wo W, Skyrim, or Dragon Age II until the wee hours? They’ve created an original world, Arta, and populated it with hordes of beautiful naked women clad in medieval and fantasy garb: naked elves, nubile female rogues, lusty barbarian girls, earthy and fertile druidesses, buxom wenches, seductive sorceresses who draw their power from sexual energy, horny warrior women in and out of chainmail bikinis, and much more…Each girl has a fantasy persona and several galleries accessible via their Character Sheet – yes, important stats such as Strength, Constitution, Charisma, Class, Magical Aptitude, Weapon Proficiencies, Special Skills, Languages, and of course Sexual Orientation, are available for your perusal alongside the naked pictures.The women range from college-aged cuties to a more MILFy vintage, mostly real girl-next-door types with a few of what I’d call “pro-amateur” mingled in. The vids are around 8-12 minutes apiece and feature the ladies getting themselves off in a variety of ways – with their hands, with vibrators, occasionally a convenient item of furniture, a pillow, a loofah, a very lucky teddy bear, you get the idea. You get the full span of “a slight shudder, a sigh, and curled toes” to “full-throated moans, arched back, juices freely flowing over hands and thighs and furniture, pussy spasming as waves of intense pleasure crash over her body”. All clips and photosets are searchable by categories and keywords: Busty, Petite, Vocal Orgasm, Hairy Bush, Shower/Tub Play, Squirting, Creamy, Sybian, just to name a few.The overall site design is clean and simple, no trouble finding your way around.Ample bonus features such as access to their masturbation forum Whispering Lily round out the experience.If you enjoy watching real girls masturbate and have real orgasms, look no further.

Each girl featured on Yanks starts with a video interview on her masturbation-related likes and dislikes, on her “technique”, and other pertinent information you just have to know.Just a long column divided into each couples’ section – each displays the couple’s name with a medium-sized picture, a link to each video, and keyhole icons that bring up thumbnails of the videos. And these truly are “real” amateur couples – all appear in their 20s and are attractive but natural-looking people who look like they could be your neighbors down the street.There are a plethora of staged “homemade porn” sites out there that offer POV ‘sex tapes’ really performed by professional actors, but it’s pretty obvious that the couples on Sell Your Sex Tape are the real deal.In my opinion, watching sex between actual couples who share a passion for each other is light-years hotter than what goes on in run-of-the-mill porn.They know each other’s turn ons – their reactions, sighs, moans, and orgasms are genuine.Enter Yanks, an online erotica site dedicated to female masturbation.

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