Methods of consolidating subsidiaries is nicole sherzinger dating


Assets and liabilities recognized under these headings in the accompanying consolidated balance sheets are measured at “amortized cost” using the “effective interest rate” method.

Subsequent changes in this measurement (gains or losses) are recognized temporarily for their amount net of tax effect, under the heading “Valuation adjustments - Available-for-sale financial assets” in the consolidated balance sheets.Appendix II includes other significant information on these companies.As of December 31, 2011, 20, the proportionately consolidated jointly controlled financial entities increased the main figures in the BBVA Group’s consolidated financial statements as shown in the table below: As of December 31, 2011, the most significant contribution of jointly controlled entities under the proportionate consolidation method is from Garanti (see Note 3).The amounts recognized under the headings “Valuation adjustments - Available-for-sale financial assets” and “Valuation adjustments - Exchange differences” continue to form part of the Group's consolidated equity until the asset is derecognized from the consolidated balance sheet or until an impairment loss is recognized in the financial instrument in question.If these assets are sold, these amounts are derecognized and entered under the headings “Net gains (losses) on financial assets and liabilities” or “Exchange differences (net)", as appropriate, in the consolidated income statement for the year in which they are derecognized.All the changes in the financial instruments, except in trading derivatives, arising from the accrual of interests and similar items are recognized under the headings “Interest and similar income” or “Interest and similar expenses”, as appropriate, in the accompanying consolidated income statement for the year in which the accrual took place (see Note 39).

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