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First and foremost, the pace rushing toward apocalyptic confrontation with Islamic/Arab traditional enemies of Israel appears to have been slowed by the human factor that impacts prophecy--at least from electing those opposing appeasement to Islamic objectives. The victory means, if Netanyahu keeps his pre-election promise, that the world’s folly of having a Palestinian state living side by side with Israel, actually cutting Israel in half, will not be realized any time soon.

The United States and this administration is deeply concerned by divisive rhetoric that seeks to marginalize Arab-Israeli citizens.Netanyahu’s Likud party won 30 seats to the leftist Zionist Union’s 24 seats, affording Netanyahu the opportunity to form a conservative coalition government.In the immediate short term, these results have significant prophetic implications.As of the time of this writing, there is no message of congratulations from the White House.What this all means is that the Islamic human factor will be inflamed, energized and spoiling for a fight with Israel.As events play out, hardliners against appeasement will likely take strong and emboldened stands against Islamic aggression, accelerating hostilities.

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