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Smart homes, smart appliances, smart cars, smart cities have already begun to transfer data with each other reflecting the integration with technologies of consumer version. At last week’s MIT Technology Review Digital Summit, I took to the stage to discuss the need for a new type of network for connecting Internet of Things embedded devices.No matter what the use case, data needs to get from point A to point B quickly and reliably.

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Presenting the 5 challenges of Io T connectivity: With connected Io T devices, reliable bidirectional signaling is essential for collecting and routing data between devices. Devices may be talking to a server to collect data, or the server may be talking to the devices, or maybe those devices are talking to one another.Having scalable Io T network to connect devices and servers is critical for a large scale Io T app.It’s essential to consider these five Io T connectivity issues.You can’t afford to use up 100% of an Io T devices’s small and expensive embedded CPU power.In addition to power and CPU, bandwidth consumption is another challenge for Io T connectivity.In doing so, I also presented the five challenges of Internet of Things connectivity.

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