Nigeria sugar mummy dating sites dating in whitby ontario

To achieve this goal of keeping a sugar mummy young, you are required and expected to access yourself first.Because these women are matured and can easily know your character.Such scenarios include office locations, institutions, high brow restaurants, relaxation spots, clubs, etc. It is up to you, to do the hard work of approaching these women and making them feel attracted and attached to you, emotionally and otherwise.When you make any woman (regardless of her age) emotionally attached to you and give her what she wants in the process, you can control her everything, and Money will never be your problem again.

Right now, they have about 44,000 registered members. is owned by the same owners of the popular Nigerian forum, Nigerian Best Forum (NBF).

The standard membership is free while the premium membership cost N3,000 per month.

The benefits of being a premium member is not clearly stated on the site neither can it be deduced from the usage of the site.

The standard members can do all the major things anyone would want to do in a dating site like comment on a person’s profile/pic, send a private email message and so on. was created in 2012 making it the youngest dating site on this list.

This unclear distinction is probably why almost all its 84,000 members are standard members. Friendite since its launch has been among the top growing Social Dating site in Nigeria especially in Anambra State, Awka where it is popularly known.

Most websites I have come across in Nigeria, writing on Sugar Mama’s are truly great. Most time, a Sugar mummy is a Woman who has probably retired, or is depressed, bored and missing her youngish days.

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