Not slimserver updating

The Roku team is constantly updating the firmware of the Sound Bridge ensuring that you get the latest features and support for music services.You can get support and answers to your questions either over the phone or in their message boards, in both instances we found their support staff to be very generous.For the novice user we would like to see Roku package either their own software or a CD/DVD with the server software they recommend.And because the Sound Bridge does not search your network for shared drives and folders, you are forced to use 3 party software in order to get the unit up and running.The networked home is continuing to evolve as your PC’s influence spreads to areas outside of your office.Streaming media devices, servers and home theater PC’s all help to bridge the gap between your personal computer and home theater system.This can be unnecessarily complicated for someone with little computer experience.

Measuring 17-inches wide for the M2000, this networked player is the same width as your home theater components ensuring that it will fit in the same audio rack.

Natively the Sound Bridge has support for Apple Rendezvous and i Tunes, Windows Media Connect and Windows Media Player 10 (WMP 10), as well as any music service that uses Windows Media DRM 10 such as Napster, Music Match and

As of this review the Sound Bridge does not support protected music through the i Tunes service.

We have reviewed a large number of media devices this year, some look like network routers while others look like mini-computers, but none of them have looked as good as the Roku Sound Bridge.

All we ask for is a product that looks like it belongs with our home theater.

Available in three flavors, the M500, M1000 and the larger M2000, Roku touts the Sound Bridge as being compatible with Apple i Tunes, Napster, Microsoft / Windows Media Player 10, and Real Network’s Rhapsody services and software.

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