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The Clinical Coach prepares for a mentor role by going through six learning modules.

The RN Resident goes through sixteen learning modules, one a week for sixteen weeks.

A similar collapse of Skyline’s operations has been underway in the Midwest since March.

The Pennsylvania health department announced the appointment of a temporary manager last Wednesday, saying it had “confirmed that the company could no longer fiscally operate the facilities.” However, the state had received complaints since last summer that at least one Skyline facility, Rosemont Care & Rehabilitation Center, was not paying insurance premiums, utilities, taxes, and vendors, including the medical transportation company, according to Wendy Johnson, who said Monday that she worked in the business office at Rosemont for a year until February, when she was fired.

Geri-Res is turnkey, giving you everything you need to implement a world-class geriatric care nurse residency program.Each module takes about 1 hour, and is paired with exercises, quizzes, and time with the Nurse Coach.The online format means curriculum modules can be accessed anywhere, anytime.Using the Turnover Calculator, you can determine your nurse turnover rate and how much turnover is costing your organization.Here’s how it works: choose a period of time to capture a snapshot of your nurse turnover.Geri-Res Nurse Coaches learn how to successfully mentor new staff.

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