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High-balance or high-frequency traders can become eligible for pricing discounts. What kinds of screening tools are available to help find potential investments?

When evaluating how easy a platform is to use, we considered several questions. How well do the charting tools work and what technical indicators can you use?

The makes TD Ameritrade one of the best places for beginners.

Fidelity is another excellent choice, offering low pricing and customizable screening tools that provide an equity summary score that lets you gauge potential at a glance.

The average trader makes about 17 trades a year, so you can expect to pay between and 9 in commission fees.

It has three different tracks for beginning, intermediate and expert investors.

We found the webinars and training videos particularly helpful in getting us up to speed.

With a few exceptions, we were provided test accounts from each of the brokers we reviewed.

While we couldn’t place actual trades, this gave us the opportunity to see what kinds of tools each trading platform has.

When you buy a share of stock you’re buying a portion of the company issuing it.

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