Outlook account not updating


If you have multiple Apple IDs that you use with i Cloud, you might be logged in to i Cloud for Windows with a different account than you are on your other devices.

To check, open i Cloud for Windows and compare it with your other devices.

You need to set up an @email address before you can use i Cloud Mail.

If you didn't set up an i Cloud Mail account at the same time as i Cloud, the Mail option in your i Cloud for Windows account might be grayed out.

We have a regular user mailbox that is set for Full Access to another user.

The mailbox shows up in Outlook for the other user, but for some reason does not update on its own, so as email comes into the mailbox, it does not alert the user.

The delivery of connected account email may not be affected.

This issue only impacts customers using Outlook for Windows.

Emails sent via on the web works correctly and emails will be sent with the correct email address.

Please either shorten this, or allow users to sync/retrieve/refresh on demand.

Hi All, I know there are a ton of posts about Shared Mailboxes, but this situation is a little different.

After you set up an @email address, you can make the Mail option available when you close and reopen i Cloud for Windows.

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