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(Netting on a hat or a fascinator is not the same as a blusher veil, and netting is elegant on any woman of any age.) Your Second Wedding?

If this is your second wedding (or your third or your seventh), you can wear a white dress and a shorter veil (that's not cathedral length) as long as the veil doesn’t cover your face.

And, at a point where it was too late to make any changes, I heard someone whisper, “You can see right through that dress,” as I walked down the "aisle" in the large, double ballroom at the Beverly Hills Hotel... but I was trying to have an elegant second wedding at a chi-chi venue, and a sit-down luncheon for the multitudes was cheaper than a sit-down dinner for that same group of merry rabble-rousers.

you're going to freak out when you see your crappy wedding pictures.) Modest Wedding Dresses for Wrinkled Necklines Just because you have a wrinkled décolleté or neck doesn’t mean you have to cover EVERYTHING, but this must be judged on a case-by-case basis.

If you want a high neckline that covers your chest up to your chin, try searching for “modest wedding gowns”.

Here are some options for what to google: If you don’t have serious wrinkling or if you just don’t care, you can show off your cleavage, but you still have to find the right neckline to frame your face.

I think that most women look good in sweetheart, scoop, or V-neck style necklines (with or without sheer overlays).

And, the fabric of some dresses can be too sheer or too shiny or too whatever... So, after walking down three different aisles, my conclusion is that (1) showing off the right amount of skin with the right neckline and (2) diligently determining that you're getting a dress with the right fabric are two of the most important things to consider when trying on dresses.

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