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The theory behind skill progression tees is to offer players of all ages and abilities a fair chance to make par on a hole as they learn this great game we call golf.

Starting at the Green tee box a player with an average drive of 60 yards should be able to reach the green in regulation.

However, the PAAC Committee felt that this was too egotistical and flamboyant for their fledgling club, and rejected his demands.

Inevitably, Ernest Smith's temperament and his outlook on athletics would always lead to friction with associates and his endeavours usually ended in tears.

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It later moved to "The Rye House", and in July 1878 moved from the Peckham Rye area to become the Blackheath Harriers based at a former important staging post on the Dover Road, "The Green Man", 1 Dartmouth Row, Blackheath, SE10, which had been founded before 1629.

Westhaven Golf Club was designed by renowned landscape architect Homer Fieldhouse, who in his lifetime designed over 60 golf courses in Wisconsin; it was built in 1968 by Robert Stauffer Sr. It has been privately owned and operated since its inception.

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However, in those days, membership of such clubs was known to be confined exclusively to ' Gentlemen Amateurs', although it seems that some members didn't always behave like gentlemen.

It so happened that at a banquet in "The King's Head", Roehampton, following a prestigious cross country challenge match between Thames Hare & Hounds and "All Comers" at Roehampton on October 28th 1871, Ernest Smith approached the 25 year-old Uppingham School alumnus, Charles Henry Larrette (b. 9/5/1913), who had run well in the race for the "All-Comers" that afternoon.

Charles Larrette, who had been living and competing in South Wales for some time, was impressed and SLH was founded the day after Boxing Day 1871, at a meeting attended by three ex-members of PAAC.

Within a month or so, PAAC had lost five of their total twenty members to SLH, who soon overtook our rivals with 63 active members by the first SLH AGM in April 1872, and quickly developed into a major force in the land.

Open to the public for daily fee play you will encounter a variety of obstacles to navigate including; water hazards, sand traps, and plenty of trees.

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