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I finish watched the yellow boots, I really like it, especially Seol Yeon Hwa her character in the show. Ha Yoon Jae you are very so handsome, the ending I didn't like, ;like I expected. He deserve to die dat way..i know for sure dat y/y will endup together Imagine yourself in his shoes..i wouldnt believe my bf too.his sister..gosh! But the saddest thing was that choi kang wook died in the end. And I agree that the ending is more realistic and not that fru-fru fluffy crap holywood puts out. I love how the ending is sooo realistic n not the fake "I gorgive you" stuff. I like how she said she doesn't forgive her n wants her to be tortured, but does pity her at the same time. i started watching this last week & liking it however with the evil stepsister i'm taking a break bcoz she's getting me more upset with her evil deeds/schemes on her, i like hyeon woo sung so much he's a good actor & i will only finish this bcoz of him & lee yo ri the other actress is so loathsome to the max! I'm watching this right now, up to episode 3~ and wah~ Yeon-Hwa and Yoon Jae are so cute together!!Kang wook killed his sis while his mom killed d dad..not for kangwook everything wouldve bin different.yura wouldnt have committed murder..i wonder why his mom didnt die as well..are trash I loved this drama so much. Wow, in kdrama the lead gurl never ever says that, they would make the lead gurl soo perfect to the point where she says she forgive he other girl. Kekek great drama got me from ep 1 intro to the last one. i love watching him, their romantic scene with yeon hwa. I'm really upset that she didn't just accept his marriage proposal with the parents...Trust him,that he really really pure love you to loving and protecting you... god blessing you both in love and life she was in "Love of the Aegean Sea" w/ Alec Su & Peter Ho, a 2004 Taiwanese drama.... Especially in all about eve, the chemistry with JDG is so perfect. Really don,t understand why did they choose their own spouse hi, i m french fan and i wait your new project !!! j'ai beaucoup apprecié et aimé les dramas dans les quelles vous avez joué et j'attend patiement vos prochain thank's, merci beaucoup Hi I'm Karin from Indonesia and i really adore you, you're so talented you've play in many different character, it's not easy, but you did well all the way. We sincerely wish you a happy married life but does it mean you are retiring? Your devoted fans here are still waiting for you to make a comeback, please. Her acting is superb than any actress; she the only one that I've seen so wonderful. Really hope the wedding will be the last for you, and to gao zi qi must be the first and the last wedding with chae rim. How do I stop liking chae rim; I love her so much!! Lee jong hyuk and her in powerful opponents x D also lee jun wik? god blessing you lim success in love and life for you both. If i lucky someday i hope i will see you directly to hug you lim. Sure I, now, you are happy because no long time you get marry with zi qi. i miss chae rim you guys, i rewatch her old dramas. It's a chinese one and to know more about it you can visit the board forum at

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It's so sad to know that JDG finally marry Ko So Young. but she had a cameo role in adaptation of "ALL ABOUT EVE" in China.With her friend's help, Yeon-Hwa gets through a police inspection on the street and arrives at the wedding hall where Yoo-Ra (Yun Ah-Jeong) and Yoon-Jae (Hyun Woo-Sung) are about to marry.Yeon-Hwa and Yoo-Ra, wearing her wedding dress, finally face on the rooftop of the wedding hall. Well, several years ago chae rim divorced with her singer husband who is 14 years older than her. i never falling in love with women like this before... until now i'm still waiting for the latest update about her.

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