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For “Jennifer” and “Samuel”, two workers embarking on love in the workplace, their romance ended with disastrous results.They agreed to keep things quiet until they knew one another better.The break-up was ugly and left Jennifer with few friends at work and a tarnished reputation.She left the office soon after, damaging her personal career.So, if we don’t meet a potential mate at work, where will it happen?Relationship expert and dating coach Patti Feinstein says dating is no longer about meeting someone interesting and seeing where that meeting takes you. Feinstein says it’s because everyone has assumptions and today, instead of slower paced lives, we live and move in fast-forward.

The definition of dating is getting to know someone to see if you want to be with them.

He and Jennifer would meet in the coffee room for a quick kiss or two, sneak away for long lunches or skip out on boring office parties with excuses about prior engagements.

Then Jennifer learned the truth; Samuel was engaged to another woman and had been using Jennifer the entire time.

February 3, 2016 Kristina Knight Staff Writer Love and Romance Original Publication: October 29, 2010 Everyone is looking for someone special. With so much of our time spent at work, commuting to work or at work events, it is no wonder that there is no time left to find that special someone.

Whether that special relationship will end in marriage or a non-marital commitment is up to the couple. For these reasons, many Americans are revisiting that old taboo – dating a co-worker.

Although these are only two examples of office romances, they are fairly typical.

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