Pattie mallette dating chris harrison


He’s a selfish asshole who only worries about himself; that’s it.” 3.Jennifer Lopez: “In a town ruled by narcissism it takes a special breed to be called out for it.Now, despite the best ratings in late night, NBC is putting pressure on Jay to retire early to make way for Jimmy Fallon. ) “but ever since revealed that Ashton cheated on wife Demi Moore with young blonde Sara Leal during a trip to San Diego” (on his anniversary with Demi!

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Rob was telling her to slow down on the drinking, but she told him to shut it.Jay Leno: “After giving up the reins of in 2009, Jay wormed his way back in, humiliating new host Conan O’Brien in the process.That drew the ire of comedians and fans who didn’t appreciate Team Coco getting backstabbed. Ashton Kutcher: “He was once viewed as Hollywood’s most down to earth dude” (really?As a result of fan backlash, the perennial ratings winner has tanked.” 5.Katherine Heigl: “She dissed her blockbuster comedy , and has been in a string of box-office bombs since.” 4.Kim Kardashian: “Following Kim’s lavish million wedding with Kris Humphries and a marriage that lasted a mere 72 days, fans turned on the reality star, with a reader poll putting her second behind only Casey Anthony as the most hated woman in America.” 9.

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