Peeking inside the mind of the boy dating your daughter relatiedating com


For one daughter, it was every weekday afternoon when she visited a local elementary school to read to younger children.

Mary Anne also encouraged her girls to pay attention to the things that made them feel most alive.

For her other daughter, it was a study-abroad experience that made history come alive.

Helping your daughter know herself and see her own strengths, passions and God-given calling allows her to discern if someone she is dating truly complements her strengths and rounds out her weaknesses.

She's navigating an exciting and challenging season of greater independence, friendships, school and social activities. The teenage dating scene can be intense and full of drama — from exciting new relationships to painful breakups and ruined friendships.

As parents, we want our daughters to mature and engage in healthy relationships, so it's important for us to help them navigate these experiences so they will be prepared for that one most important, committed relationship down the road.

How she allows these young men to treat her now paves the way for how she'll allow her husband to treat her in the future.

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