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Once the pet can be adopted, a question will appear on the screen, if you want to take it home. When your character is an adult, it can get married before the matchmaker option is available for it in the door icon, namely, it can find a partner in the park.Different characters appear in the park at different hours throughout the day - if your character is a male, it will meet female characters, if it is a female, it will meet male characters.In addition, dating sites tend to have a larger number of female users, which can be a bonus if you’re a guy.If you’re a woman looking for a good man, however, your options may be pretty limited, even among other pet owners.Jadi bagi kamu para pemiliki kucing dan anjing, yuk pastikan download aplikasi ini ya!Have you ever dated someone who seemed to be a perfect match in every way — except that you couldn’t see eye-to-eye about your dog or cat?Once your character meets a ceratin character of the opposite sex for the second time, a question will appear on your screen, if you want your character to go on a date.First option means 'yes', second option means 'no'.

Unfortunately, many pet-centric dating sites share user content with other more general sites, so profiles are not always pet specific — which means you could still be matched up with someone who doesn’t feel the same way you do about your pets.Finally, finding someone who loves pets — and is everything else you’re hoping for in a partner — is more complicated than just browsing a doggy dating website.But it’s not a bad place to start if you’re looking for love (and for someone who will love your dog too).Melalui aplikasi ini kamu bisa mengadopsi, merawat peliharaan kamu, hingga menjodohkannya.Wah sangat bermanfaat sekali bukan, daripada kebingungan cara merawat peliharaan.And the company has now been acquired by Pet Smart, the leading retailer & resource for pet adoption in North America, to help boost its adoption programme.

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