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It's the small details that count Through small details like high-quality audio FLAC downloads, personalised messages, donations, free tracks and the option to send music as a gift, Bandcamp manages to hold a special appeal for the alternative and independent crowds.You can even send feedback, words of encouragement or simply a message of thanks directly to the musician.However, it did set a precedent in pricing and caused more research to be done into different types of pricing strategies that would have repercussions for independent music of all genres and more significantly on music business as a whole.For a band as big as Radiohead, who had previously held a six-album record deal with EMI, the action sent out a strong message to the big label corporations who are sucking the life out of the industry, the very antithesis of independent artists.With an explosive lineup that expresses their joint effort to come up with a specific composition of DJs that encompass not only all their most exciting talent but also special headliners who know very well how to make the people dance like there was no tomorrow while also carefully crafting their respective sounds.

Tickets are NOW available at Resident Advisor Event!Meoko is thrilled to present this event so if you are in Barcelona, swing around and enjoy this special moment of fiesta and collaboration with us. The first part of the event, the pre-party at a beautiful and inspiring private spot, is something exclusive as there are just 20 invitations.There even is a chance to win two pairs of entries in case you fancy a treat! Those who manage to attend this almost private event will receive a personal treatment, with special Melisma and Pressure Traxx DJ sets, completed by a record sale and introduction to new releases plus a very special welcome cocktail.But, let’s face it – many of us would claim to be against music piracy, yet even more of us would admit to having downloaded illegally at some point in the knowledge that we were harming the industry.Bandcamp, however, seems to offer the best form of compromise for artists to upload, disseminate and above all sell their music at a fair price to their audience.On the other hand, the artist gets to personalise the backgrounds of their shop’s home page complete with their logo and branding.

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