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It’s pretty well-mannered and there’s a lot of self-regulation from fellow members.” What Piston Heads ultimately does for many a man is fill something of a social black hole.

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Dan says that he himself is typical of the reader demographic, which means that a busy workload and being a dad are just the kind of responsibilities that users have to shoulder. A chance to reconnect with other chaps – exactly the reason, perhaps, that it’s been dubbed ‘Mumsnet for men’. “Much as Mumsnet’s discussions go a long way beyond nappies and nursery recommendations, so ours go way beyond cars and driving.

Like impressing the opposite sex with your massive engine? (or $upercardating.com, as it's also known), is aimed at lonely-hearted pistonheads.

All of these are subsections of a much bigger haunt known as The Pie And Piston, Piston Heads’ virtual pub.

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