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^he episode Clearness of epic Ethics t)riginal treatment in epic CONTENTS \ Definition of an epic poem .... He must, taught by recent events, have realised how unlikely Caesar was to tolerate the existence in the world of any power at all co-equal with his own, and have discerned clearly enough that Caesar, however much he might be disposed to deal leniently by himself, could not, unless he were to forfeit all claim to prudence, make any terms with the party to which he was indissolubly fettered, and which was as yet only in a tottering condition and not ruined. There must be sanity in the action and in the episodes Advantages of a national, and at the same time un- touched subject .... ^TEpic prevailingly impersonal ~" And without hurry . 93 The Third Book 94 The naval battle off Massilia . He probably felt how hopeless any further effort of his would be, after the failure of the supreme one he had just made.Cornell University Library The original of tliis book is in tine Cornell University Library. Second Classical Master in the High School of Dundee Author of "Manual of Linguistics" U ne suffit pas, pour connaitre I'^popee d'avoir lu Virgile et Homere. EDINBURGH OLIVER AND BOYD LONDON: SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, HAMILTON, KENT & CO., LIMITED 1900 _^ PREFACE The following pages are meant to exhibit the different national renderings of a variety of poetry that perhaps more than any other has given status to the literature possessing a great specimen of it, and supremacy to the poet of that specimen. The two sons of Pompey give vent to insane expressions, the one of grief, the other of vengeance.There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. C59 History of epic poetry (post-Virgilian' 3 1924 027 089 246 A History of Epic Poetry A History of Epic Poetry (POST-VIRGILIAN) BY JOHN CLARK. I have restricted my formal examination of poems to those of the post - Virgilian period. With Lucan enthusiasm and hyperbole are almost identical. It is effective as a whole, and has a pleasing movement of metre and thought.

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Lucan once more read than now 83 His merits will always command attention 83 His projected epic foredoomed to imperfection 84 Historic fact as material for epic poetry 85 Pompey and Caesar . The Lesbians are too profuse in their pro- testations of goodwill. In his instructions to Deiotarus, he drags in a bit of self-glorification, and speaks as if he had imitated Alexander in his eastmost march.I have tried by the consideration of some three dozen poems representing different qualities and different stages of the epopee to supply what is needed. Pompey was a man whose reputation was probably greater than his merit.I should say that the history of the literature of a particular poetry ought, by a comparison of poems and by reflection on the facts of the evolution of the species, to be able to set down something of value regarding its nature and possibilities. Ancient Epics : Homer ( Virgil), The Kalevala, Indian Epics The Homeric poems. Cato, after quelling a mutiny with words that do not accord with the sentiments of the eulogy of Pompey — he says that the second tyrannical triumvir is dead, and that only one is left (unum Forhma reliqnitjam trihus e dominis) — embarked to join Juba. 21 .ffineas' alleged insensibi Uty 22 Dramatic drawing of Dido 23 Virgil's metre : its distinction 23 Its vocality ..... 25 Its general excellence 25 Lesson of life in epic 26 The Kalevala .... FAOU T8 79 CHAPTER I THE LATER ROMAN EPIC The Pharsalia. She even wishes that she had been Caesar's wife, so that the misfortune she was doomed to bring as a dowry might have missed her io8 EPIC POETRY husband. Features and eitcellencies of epic, lyric, and dramatic poetry ...... The apostrophe to Nero 88 The causes of the war ..... He had before him a high wall, and behind him his enemy. Cornelia receives her husband at Lesbos, in a lachrymose, ranting, and hysterical manner.So much excellent criticism has been made on Homer and Virgil that it seemed presumption on my part, as well as a needless increase of the bulk of the book, to adventure a full statement of the epical position of these two princely poets. At the make-shift obsequies performed by Cornelia in honour of Pompey, Cato pronounced a eulogy.

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