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Rather than turning to eating or other self - destructive, food-related behaviors, members gain strength from one another.Through regular contact with a sponsor (an experienced member who serves as a guide), attendance at FA meetings, frequent phone contact with others in the program, and continuous efforts to share the FA program with others who want it, members of FA begin to maintain daily abstinence.At first glance, FA might appear to be a network of support groups, but in fact, the program works long-term because it offers a spiritual solution.Once members become abstinent, they are encouraged to do the Twelve Steps, one at a time, in closed groups called AWOLs.

Abstinence is a planned, disciplined way of eating that leads to the addict’s release from food cravings, obsession, and self-abuse.WSI is led by thirteen, elected trustees (members of FA) and is headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts.FA meetings are also supported and united by incorporated regional associations (intergroups) and smaller, unincorporated regional affiliations (chapters).The program first helps food addicts physically refrain from their addiction.Abstinence in FA is the parallel of sobriety in AA.Back to Top There are now many programs using a Twelve Step approach for people having problems with weight or food.

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