Problems validating visa debit card


MORE INFORMATION There are a number of things that can prevent your order from being accepted by your payment account's issuing bank or organization.e Sellerate may also decline a transaction even if the payment account's issuer would approve it (e.g., if the issuer warns us of incorrect order details).The following are some steps you can take when you receive a message indicating that your order could not be processed. Step 1) If using a credit or debit card, double-check the card number, expiration date and card security code.Step 2) Double-check the billing address that you entered.

Either our generation has been screwed over one too many times, or by being screwed over by these fees many of us have been punished to the point of being banned by most of the mainstream banks via screening tools like Chexsystems.

Sometimes the issuer will respond to the transaction request with an "Honor with identification" response.

This is a conditional approval or authorization for the transaction that is valid if the merchant can physically check the customer's identification.

Some problems can happen if you have made a mistake entering your billing information.

Other problems can arise when there's an issue with your payment account.

unless you contact [email protected](or use the Troubleshooter here and submit a ticket) so that we can review your case individually.

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