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Participants were asked questions in quick succession which made the chat super fast paced.

I thought the chat might become too chaotic, but, to my surprise, everyone was exchanging back stories, lol’ing each other, and having what seemed to be a good time (I even met another teacher from my motherland, Costa Rica…a rarity! The Experiment The great Tracie Cain (@Tracie GCain) and I had the opportunity to implement speed dating in person, during a Ponder ISD PD session.

I’ll just make sure to use a circle instead of lines next time.

The Impetus Instruction technology coaches who care about their audiences are always looking for ways to spice up the mostly boring “sit and get” sessions that have become the norm.

3) Check list: Each person will have a check list with either a) each person’s twitter handle, name or I. This will be useful, again, later during the “smack down”.

4) Setting up the rotations: Split the team in half. You can move in a normal rotation (move to your left each time) or you can trick it up by asking participants to randomly move (move to your right 3 spaces then move to your left 5 spaces).

However, detailed reflections should be saved for the “smack down” at the end of the session.

This builds anticipation & keeps the momentum moving forward all the way through the entire process. As they rotate through the group, they will write notes to help them remember what was discussed and where their interest level was.

If some information is exchange that piques your curiosity, then students or staff should exchange twitter handles or email addresses or somehow identify each other.

Each sheet of paper described a project that was happening in our district.

For two minutes, the pair was to read the project on their sheet of paper, discuss where the project seemed to land on the SAMR Model, and then determine how the project could moved up a level.

Share, share, share via verbal commentary, on the spot blogging, tweeting, instagraming…

Let the current of energy move the conversation out into the interwebs!

: Staff or students will be spending 3 minutes maximum exchanging ideas.

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