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According to Mark, that’s what Jesus’ family may have thought.

According to Mark 3, Jesus went home to Nazareth after his baptism and his early ministry in and around Capernaum.

So, come home, abandon this new religious identity, and remember where you belong.

This isn’t the mother portrayed in the Gospel of John who is there at the beginning encouraging Jesus to use his powers to make wine for a wedding (John 2:1-11).

In his response to their charges, Jesus asks some questions in the form of parables.

He asks the religious authorities, how it would benefit Beelzebul if demons were pitted against demons.

If only they could get to him and drag him home, perhaps they could keep him safe and keep the family out of trouble.

As we look at this passage, which depicts Jesus’ conflict with family sandwiching a conflict with the religious leaders over Jesus’ authority, whether it comes from God or Satan, we need to remember that this is the first mention of family in Mark’s gospel.

Either they are in the wrong, and thus kicking against God’s revelation and authority, or Jesus is in league with Beelzebul (Satan), the ruler of the demons.

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