Radioactive dating debate

evolution many unbelievable beliefs about evolution have evolved.Because these unproven theories are published as absolute facts rather than unproven theories and are promoted by our government and by the biased mass news media, the unsuspecting public accepts them as truths.

A rigorous and empirical scientist, Rogers spent years working on the Shroud as a member of the STURP team.

Somewhere around millions of laboratory mutations by evolutionists have failed to produce a single change of species.

These mutations have only produced freaks like extra legs or missing legs or organs.

If evolution is your belief, it is an integral part of your thoughts and your demeanour.

Unfortunately, you are not living in harmony with love, peace, joy and a life of comfort or your own existence.

He continued his research after the STURP project concluded, but set his studies aside in frustration as unqualified "experts" presented what he considered poor quality and non-scientific "evidence" for the authenticity of the Shroud in the popular media.

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