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Now that Clark is operating as Superman when he meets Batman, has his perspective on these kind of relationships/team-ups changed?

Miller: In Season 10, we saw Clark finally begin to use the knowledge he gained over the course of the entire series to help deal with certain situations.

Miller: Like we said a few questions back, the onion starts peeling with Intergang, and we wind up in a very big, bigger than we could ever do on television, place with not just one of Batman’s rogues, but a new one for Superman, as well.

IGN: In the DCU, historically, Batman and Green Arrow haven’t always been the best of allies.

Intergang’s been shipping high-tech anti-hero weaponry to any city with a “cape problem.” Batman and Nightwing’s run-in digs up a connection to his parents’ murder, lo, those vaguely many years ago.

Schneer Music: Mischa Bakaleinikoff, Bernard Herrmann Directed by , the first nuclear-powered submarine, put to sea in 1955 – it might not be a coincidence that It Came From Beneath the Sea set sail that same year.IGN: Batman’s appearance in the Smallville Universe is obviously long-awaited by fans. On the plus side, this arc has been written for a little while, so there’s a distinct difference between the “do it right” writing pressure and the “hope they like it” release pressure. Is he already operating as Batman when Clark meets him or will we see him take up the mantle after the fact?Do you feel any pressure – more than normal, I guess – to deliver the goods? Miller: You will most certainly meet a Batman who is knee-deep in his career within the first 10 pages of the arc.Now, how Batman responds to these “rules” may not be to Superman’s liking. IGN: What do you consider to be the cornerstone of Superman and Batman’s relationship, and how are you reflecting that in Smallville?Miller: The tough part is that we’ve kind of mined that iconic Clark/Bruce friendship space with Clark and Oliver throughout the latter half of the series.Just keep throwing logs into the fire and hope everyone likes the heat. Miller: Response has been fantastic, and I just hope people, both from the show and new to the world, keep digging it. I’d remind anyone buying in print to order it with their LCS ahead of time – higher print numbers benefit fans and creatives alike!

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