Recent topics in dating safety

“Be very leery about meeting in remote places like a hiking trail, boat, or a park.

While romantic, there might be no one around if you need help,” she says.

Also, give them an idea of when you’ll be back and make sure to alert them when the date is over.

This adds an extra layer of safety to any date you go on with a stranger.

“Remember, everyone’s nice on the first date—even psychopaths,” says Delong.

If you overlook it, you may end up regretting it later,” says Delong.Women voluntarily went off with him because he didn’t look like a bad guy.When he got them in his car, their hours were numbered.” A nice smile and polite small talk demeanor doesn’t mean someone doesn’t have a dark side.If you knew ahead of time your date had a record, would you still go out with him or her?“We tend to show only our best side when getting to know someone—so buyer beware,” says Delong.You never want to give a potential criminal the advantage to be on their turf.” The chances of this happening are slim, but it only takes one person with hidden bad intentions to harm you.

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