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There was a man, who was referred to Luke Skywalker, and he was going on and on about something called the Force.I thought he was nuts, and he made himself seem even more crazy when he said that the Force was strong within me, whatever that means.LOL) but i love the whole rape game..i fight back hard..even without the "rape" thing.just rough in bed...i like it rough..i take it 110% guilt free about itparty on wayne I am sort of into this kind uf stuff. My ex used to love It when I put my hands around her throute as I was feeding It to her.At first It was kinda scary really, But It got her so horny.any psychologist tells you when a woman has rape fantasies its because she has guilt about sex..a defence mechanism for women who feel ashamed or guilty about certain acts in bed and if its forced on them they dont have those blanket lol..kidding...actually 99% of the time its true,thats why its called human nature we are all basically the same,same behavior more or i do concede that yes there are women who like to be omintaed,but why the rape then? But we had to talk about it in detail and establish safe words and such before I became comfortable with it.The action itself never really got me off..knowing how much it was doing for her was a turn on.My desire for domination comes mostly from a need to be wanted that manifests itself in other ways besides wanting to be dominated..hour with a feather, anyone?

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Offering both mature and general sections for each genre as well as our 1x1 area, you're sure to find something for you in our forums. You'll never be bored here with our downtown section, offering forum games, discussion and more than a hint of madness to entertain and immerse you in our wonderful community.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. She'd want to be tied up, and then she'd want me to role play the part of the perpetrator.She'd want me to choke her while forcefully take it from her (role playing of course), and likewise, she'd fight me off. Keep in mind it's roleplaying in a safe environment (with you) and it in no way suggests that she would enjoy it if it were the real thing. As long as your partner explains, embarassingly or not, what they want (in detail if necessary), it's good.I guess she loves a man who will take control over her.Ofcoarse It got me massivelly horny aswell..She also enjoyed being tied up and sometimes blind folded. The only way anybody can do this type of stuff, You must be able to build a big wall of trust with each other!But, those are just fairy tales used to scare kids into behaving themselves, right? Until a group called that was referred to as The Rebels or The Resistance came and captured me.

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