Rss feeds not updating ie7


I haven’t seen one that does that and this is a fun way of showing what Java Script can do.—– There are a lot of nice Java Script color pickers out there (colorjack, colourmod, yahoo, dojo, nogray, mootools), but none of them has a full HSB and RGB options of Photoshop’s picker.

Please, discuss, I'm interested in your thoughts, dear reader.

There's been some news on this before over at Globe Blogger, who noted as I did with considerable shock, that Outlook 2007 isn't using the RSS Platform.

The RSS Team PM Sean Lyndersay responded here to Charlie Wood's email.

My RSS feeds have abruptly stopped updating in IE9.

I can manually force them to update, but they will not continue updating. I've tried deleting the user_feed_synchronization task in scheduled tasks.

Outlook 2007 doesn't use the RSS Platform for downloading feeds, but they made fundamentally the same decision as we did (weighing resources against demand), and they don't support authenticated feeds either.

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