Rule of scarcity dating


The thought that people want something they cannot have drives them to desire the object even more.

In other words, if something is not scarce, then it is not desired or valued that much.

Six months later, she was engaged to the handsome wealthy man of her dreams.

She's now (presumably) happily married with two kids... It's taken me a while to face the fact that there are rules of engagement one must follow to properly attract and trap -- I mean keep -- a partner.

My thought: There are a total of 31 rules in the book and they are each explained in detail with real-life anecdotes sprinkled in.

Skimming the table of contents alone and seeing so many "don'ts," it's easy to wonder, The fact is, not really.

For example, if you are in the 18-22 age range, you should wait 30 min to an hour to respond to a guy's text.

If you're older than 31, you should wait at least three hours!

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I'd hear the usual, "Don't kiss on the first date," "Wait at least two days to return his call," "Don't give it up too easily." When I was younger, I would adhere to some of these guidelines, but always netted out feeling, "It's all too much. I want to be honest about how I feel and let a relationship unfold naturally." So, years later, when I finally read , I was ready to roll my eyes before even cracking open its digital cover.The book was immediately hard to take seriously because the writing and structure was a little elementary and repetitive (but I guess dating advice has to be drilled into the receiver's head).It was a little salesy -- the writers seemed to be selling their consulting services.In economics, market equilibrium is achieved when supply equals demand.However, the markets are not always in equilibrium due to mismatched levels of supply and demand in the economy.However, this would result in the restricted exclusion of the good only to those who can afford it.

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