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This blog is far from being complete, but very promising.It highlights mainly visual information (books, videos, photography, Athonite maps, icons. The home page provides, in the right panel, a "histology" (i.e., the anatomy of the site) in Greek and English -- a list of topics comprising the various sections of this site.The growing presence of the Holy Mountain on the internet manifested in increasing numbers of related organizations and web sites was the occasion for instituting this page.Here we provide links to associations whose objectives relate to or parallel those of Fo MA, and to internet resources specifically pertaining to the Holy Mountain and its monasteries, which Fo MA members and others consulting this site might find useful.

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and "dedicated to the Holy Mountain Mount Athos." Among the related materials are illustrated historical articles (Holy Cell of St.The weblog of Wim Voogd (Formerly with descriptions of his trekking on the Holy Mountain, publication of images of Athonite antiquities, and its creator's exquisite photographs of Mount Athos.From the earliest history of Mount Athos as a pilgrimage destination, pilgrims recorded their pilgrimages in journals called in Greek προσκυνητάρια (proskynetaria).We shall also monitor news coming from the This web site was created by the priest and founder of the Monastery, Fr. The Monastery is located at the Kilninian Church, whose monastic history goes back at least as far as 1561.The website is still being developed, but includes an active blog, photo gallery and information about the history of the site.But this website also showcases his special interest in print making and the history of production of "paper icons" produced for pilgrims in the 17th - 19th centuries.

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