Sade who is she dating


Vivacious Rhonda Jo Petty joins two of her gorgeous and oversexed girlfriends on a fun-filled and very erotic bicycle trip. It's a pleasure hunt that takes their bodies into orgy after orgy as the travel.A hapless construction worker has to go into hiding following his seduction of underage but willing Priscilla.The only catch is that Babe must be married within 30 days if she is to collect the cash.Samantha starts to worry that if Babe inherits the funds, she'll leave the agency and cast Fox into the sea of unemployment.

This wedding is sure to be something no one will ever forget!Toss in a twist ending cribbed from the Mel Brooks classic 'The Producers,' and you've got the makings of a top-notch sexvid feature.Those who like naturally voluptuous women will flip for this, shot well before the standard in porn called for fake boobs.The story of two newlyweds who win a honeymoon weekend at a ranch where it's not horseback rides that are the norm, but rather, rides up the ' the old 4 wheel drive trail' that everyone wants to take!After a year of marriage, Stan & Sally have drifted away from the romantic backside adventures that made their marriage so exciting.They hatch a plan to bring their women into line so everyone can get what they want....mainly getting laid!

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