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The weekends are action 24/7; you can find me where the fine wines flow, and... I spend my spare time relaxing on the sofa or with friends if I feel like it.OK, if the preceding words appeal to you please stop reading right now. At times I can be kind of difficult, to tell you the truth.Then he goes on to list a few general characteristics that won't really exclude anyone; you get the sense that most girls would fit his description.How does that correspond to the claims he just made? He's contradicting himself between the lines, and in the end he comes off as a spineless guy who's trying be what he thinks girls want him to be.How often do you really hear the word "passionate" preceded by the words "kind of"?He's trying to understate his interest in soccer, probably because he's afraid some girls won't like it.The most attractive girls tend to favor profiles where both the pictures and the text are great, so it certainly pays to learn how to do it right.Good learning always start with examples, and in that spirit, we’ll look at two profile texts. About me I'm a possitive person and I try to live life as best as I can.

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" On the flip side, a poorly worded text can ruin the impression you give, even if your pictures are good.

And I swear pigs will fly the day I don a pair of running tights.

What I'm looking for You have to be independent and you have to have some degree of stability in your life. It would be nice if you kept yourself in sufficient physical condition to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded, and if you spent a few seconds in front of a mirror in the morning as well I’d be ecstatic.

What I'm looking for I don't really have an answer, but I do like girls who are livelly and active.

She should have a sense of humour and not take herself too seriously.

This text has several misspellings, and the writing is generally boring and riddled with clichés and unspecific statements.

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