San andreas dating cheats pc


Used to work great, but now every time I try to continue my progress, the game takes me to the start menu.

Ive made sure that I wasn't pressing anything but it is actually a problem with the game. Graphics are a lot sharper gameplay is still as fun as I remember.

but sometime when I load the game it doesn't work and idk how to fix it but other wise its a good game.

After the cutscene, speed after the Ballas and drive along side them.

It's suggested that you fix the controls after installation. It has AMD Vision W/Radion dedicated graphics card and 3Gb Ram shared.

The game works just fine on regular quality graphics (which look pretty much the same except for the mirror like finish on specific surfaces).

Big Bear, a Grove Street legend, is clearly in need of help because of drug abuse. The house is occupied by ballas, dealers and hookers. Once the place is clean of anybody that may cause a threat the hood, head back to Grove Street with Ryder.

Locate the dealer, who is witnessed selling goods to one of your homies. Now the Ballas know that Grove Street are back on their feet -- mission complete. But screw that for now, it's time to eat something.

Only problem it doesn't save my game where I left off forcing me to redo missions sometimes.

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