Self consolidating concrete mix


SCC can accomplish this for even the most intricate architectural designs without increasing labor intensity. SCC mixes are just as strong as traditional concrete mixes and have higher early strengths.The consistency of SCC reduces permeability, which increases its durability and extends its lifespan past that of traditional concrete.Though on-site water additions can potentially cause problems for any concrete mix, be especially cautious about adding water to SCC, as it can greatly alter the stability of the mix.To avoid concrete mixer spillage, trucks should not be loaded to full capacity when transporting SCC; transporting SSC at lower spread and adding high range water reducers at the job site can also help avoid this problem.

As a result, pouring SCC is also much less labor-intensive compared to standard concrete mixes.However, because SCC drastically reduces placement and finishing costs and virtually eliminates any repairs and patching, SCC ultimately saves money. SCC is measured in terms of spread rather than slump, though a modified version of the slump test determines the spread: instead of determining how many inches the concrete slumps, the diameter of the concrete’s spread is measured (usually ranging from 22 to 28 inches).What precautions should be taken when installing SCC?Instead, SCC gains its fluid properties from an unusually high proportion of fine aggregate, such as sand (typically 50%), combined with superplasticizers (additives that ensure particles disperse and do not settle in the fluid mix) and viscosity-enhancing admixtures (VEA).Ordinarily, concrete is a dense, viscous material when mixed, and when used in construction, requires the use of vibration or other techniques (known as compaction) to remove air bubbles (cavitation), and honeycomb-like holes, especially at the surfaces, where air has been trapped during pouring.This kind of air content (unlike that in aerated concrete) is not desired and weakens the concrete if left.

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