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Before using this guide to configure JBoss EAP, it is assumed that the latest version of JBoss EAP has been downloaded and installed.

For installation instructions, see the JBoss EAP JBoss EAP runs in one of two operating modes: as a standalone server or in a managed domain, and is supported on several platforms: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Windows Server, Oracle Solaris, and Hewlett-Packard HP-UX.

I find Visual Studio skips projects when it doesn't think anything changed, and since we're not hosting this in IIS we can't just update the static files while it's running and see the updates.

If you're still with me, then thank you for reading this far :) The last step in our exploration is getting the actual service installed and running by itself in Windows.

We'll go through the following steps: The code for all this is hosted in my Github repo: Ready? To build the windows service I'm going to leverage the open source Topshelf framework.

This framework simplifies the work required to get an application hosted within a service.

We walked through the process of using Topshelf to build the service itself, adding Web API using OWIN, and finally adding Nancy to host the website content and serve the Angular 2 typescript files.

The other piece we need is to incorporate Topshelf so this class is used to create an actual Windows service.

NET Framework v4.0.30319.42000 Running a transacted installation. Installing Self-hosted Angular 2 service service Installing service self-hosted-angular2-service... So now your service is installed, but it's not running yet.

Service self-hosted-angular2-service has been successfully installed. The Install phase completed successfully, and the Commit phase is beginning. To get it running just open the service control manager, and start the service like any other: Then you should be able to navigate to the URL and see your site running! So in this post I showed how simple it is to use a windows service to self-host an Angular 2 website with Web API.

Use Web Api(config); }); // Add Nancy to the OWIN pipeline.

// Note, because this is registered last we don't need to worry // about falling-through to any other middleware. will be handled by Web API first, and anything else // will fall through to Nancy // app Builder.

I also prefer attribute routing over convention-based routing, so I'm using that.

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