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"Our show kept getting protested, which was hilarious, because it's not an easy show to watch, even," he said.

” to which he responded, “Yes.” Seth added, “I just try to be with the curve, not behind it.

So, what we also found is people were seeking out the show to complain about it, which was just kind of like a funny dynamic that we saw playing out." Season 3, which begins Sunday, will feature the cast addition of Broadway icon Betty Buckley.

Rogen said he and his filmmaking partner Evan Goldberg wanted Buckley to play the evil sorceress Gran'ma in is about a minister with a violent past seeking redemption.

It stars Dominic Cooper as Jesse, the title character, Ruth Negga as his off-on girlfriend Tulip and Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy, Jesse's best friend and a vampire smitten with Tulip.

Rogen and Goldberg -- 36-year-old, lifelong friends and creative partners -- executive produce the show and have co-directed several episodes.

thank you for sharing your story @skydart unfortunately I'm not surprised to hear that Chris Hardwick isn't who he pretends to be.

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