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She believes he can protect her and do what she’s not allowed to as a woman.” In the books, Cersei’s frustrations over the advantages afforded her male twin, Jaime, are a much more prevalent part of her character, but the show has hinted at it as well—in moments like this Season 1 scene opposite King Robert: alum Jane Espenson. Little did Cersei know, dressed then in quasi-military drag of a golden breastplate, that one day she would rule the Seven Kingdoms with an iron fist and a hardcore look to match.Another moment featuring Cersei’s desire to move more freely in the world of men comes in the Season 2 episode, “Blackwater,” written by no less of an authority than George R. In our modern world, short hair doesn’t necessarily to equal masculinity, nor does a masculine aesthetic necessarily equal power.I’m sure the filmmakers thought nothing of beginning their movie with 10 minutes or so of random NASA footage. • For a moment, J&t B do ethereal “eeeee” singing bit — a reference to the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” — that they used to such good effect in episode 205- ROCKET ATTACK USA. • Servo, on the other hand, does a very good Burt Reynolds laugh. Our hero also has one of those Hooterville/Mayberry put-the-thing-to-your-ear-and-talk-into-the-thing-on-the-wall phones. • Another “broken sketch” sketch this week: this time it’s the bots who sabotage Joel’s sketch. • For those who have no idea who Crazy Guggenheim was, check out this piece by comedian Larry Miller, who, by the way, is also mentioned by in this episode. • Joel does a little impression of comedian Kevin Meaney. • Movie note: Not that I expect much from this movie, but I feel I must note that in the scene where the old drunkie guy is racing the train, there’s footage of at least three, maybe four different trains that are all supposed to be the same train.• Then-current reference: Somebody mentions the president, and Servo says he’ll “vomit on some Japanese people.” Here’s a report on the incident he’s referring to. • This ep has not one, not two, but three Firesign Theatre references! ” Movie: (1959) A 30-foot killer lizard is loose in the woods near a small town and its gang of hot-roddin’ teens. MEGALON when Rhino released “Volume 10.2.” • This episode became infamous in the 1995-1996 period on Comedy Central, as a number of other episodes dropped out of the rotation due to movie rights issues. He takes a bit to get to his point, but it’s worth it. • Joel asks: “Was the ‘Richard Speck’ a popular haircut back then? • There’s a nice little TV in-joke during Tom’s “Servo on Cinema” sketch when Tom turns to face a non-existent second camera during his introduction and has to be corrected by Joel. • Joel (sort of) sneaks in the name of beloved cult band “They Might Be Giants” • Callbacks: J&t B sing the “Wild Rebels” theme song.last year, Cersei’s new regal wardrobe is a nod to the Lannister men in her life.

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We start off with a very good but not spectacular episode.

Personally, I’m a fan of the Queen’s current look—and it is, at the very least, a massive improvement over Season 1 wig crimes perpetrated against Lena Headey.

Movie: (1969) In a re-edited version of the movie “Marooned,” various obstacles hamper attempts to rescue three NASA astronauts trapped aboard a crippled space capsule.

The riffing is comfortable and steady, and we haven’t had a star-studded, very watchable movie like this since the KTMA days. XXXII.” • The stretch between the end of season 3 and the beginning of season 4 was 133 days, the eighth-longest amount of time MSTies had to wait between episodes. You’re supposed to notice that Crow accidentally drops the all-important key and nobody thinks to retreive it for him before he is blown to kingdom come. • Joel’s invention really doesn’t make sense, but they got a good bit out of it anyway.

None of the segments are clunkers, either, so it’s a great way to start the season. • “Marooned,” the movie Film Ventures International chopped up to create “Space Travelers,” is the only MST3K movie that actually won an Oscar. • In the ACEG, they tell a story about meeting Dennis Miller, whose only comment to them was that he wished they hadn’t riffed “Marooned.” He likes it.

Cersei seemed pleased enough in this week’s episode when Iron banker Tycho Nestoris called her “your father’s daughter, indeed” and the Queen has always been occupied with the notions of masculine power.

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