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Want to know more about everyone’s favorite pastime?

Read on to check out these 10 crazy and interesting facts about masturbation: Orgasms are actually a natural pain killer.

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And, believe me, there are more than you would think.That's actually completely false - masturbating frequently can help make your sex life better.That's because you learn exactly what you like and how to get yourself off. Source: Shutter Stock And remember how I also said that masturbation helps you sleep better?He loves to fuck his little sissy faggot pussy with an empty plastic bottle. The best part is when the bottle crinkles and crushes as he fucks himself with it. OK, so I still haven’t really gotten to the point yet, but this is the best part.I made him pour his warmed cum into the bottle and then made him beg to stuff the bottle into his bitch hole.Bringing yourself to orgasm can help relieve menstrual cramps and backaches from having your period.

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