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Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two.

Her daughter Amy was just finishing high school and most of the time was outside of the house partying with her friends.

He was very introverted and wasn't very good with girls.

"Tell you what mom, I'll wash the dishes after school but you have to wear high heels with your bikini today at the pool." "Honey you are lucky you're getting me into the two piece to begin with so just stop pushing this." Brenda sat there thinking, she felt sorry for her son not ever having contact with a girl before and she thought of this whole thing as a game anyway so she wasn't concerned about anything inappropriate.

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The next morning brenda was in such a hurry she ran into her son's bedroom to wake him up wearing only a bra and a b skirt wiping her hair with a towel. " Jason opened his eyes to a sight of his mom almost topless and since he always felt comfortable with her he threw out a comment. " Brenda covered herself with the towel realizing she was in her bra and in a somewhat serious tone said "Jason stop horsing around we're going to be late".

You are the only girl that I feel relaxed around and I feel like you can understand me." Brenda smiled and hugged him as a warm feeling took over .

"Tell you what kiddo I'll let you put on some tanning lotion on my back." Brenda got up and walked over to her chair and laid on her tummy.

This whole time Jason kept eyeing over her mature body.

She was worried enough about her son that she was willing to participate in his game and help him get more relaxed around women, she didn't want her son to go trough life scared of females. Jason took some tanning lotion and rubbed it on his hands.

Jason was always very close to his mother and could tell her anything at all.

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